ActiveScore Certification Guide

Improve your active mobility facilities and get your office building certified with Urbanite Advisors and ActiveScore.


ActiveScore is the world’s leading system for assessing and certifying active travel provision in buildings.

ActiveScore promotes best-in-class facilities that create an exceptional user experience, promote occupant health, are environmentally considerate, are future-proof by design, and tie in with other industry health and wellbeing standards.

GOOD for The employees

› Live more active lifestyles

› Improve health & wellbeing

› Save money by avoiding public transport

good for the business

› Attract and retain talent

› Decrease absenteeism for sickness

› Positive promotion of health and wellbeing in the workplace

Good for the community

› Reduce CO2 and PM2.5 emissions

› Improve air quality

› Address mental and physical health issues

why activescore?

Make active travel more accessible and financially viable, becoming more appealing to a wider working demographic.

Drive Rental Value

Health & Wellbeing facilities are becoming the standard for quality modern premises, and companies are prepared to pay more for these spaces.

Future-Proof Assets

During the certification process, improvements are identified to help future-proof your building and reduce the need for costly renovations, helping you to remain one step ahead.

Attract Tenants

ActiveScore certification demonstrates that you value occupants' health and wellbeing, and the provision of best-in-class commuter facilities can attract new tenants whilst retaining existing ones.

Increase Investments

Health and well-being are an integral part of ESG and have a significant impact on building value. By ensuring your property has the flexibility to adapt to new standards, you add long-term value.

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