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Location & Real Estate Strategies with a Positive Urban Impact.

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We support Occupiers rethink their locations, workplaces and real estate footprint. We assist Investors deliver future-proofed assets and urban development strategies.

for occupiers

We provide a comprehensive and fully independent consulting-led approach to support all aspects of corporate real estate strategies.

Location & Incentives Advisory

Where to locate and find talent

We help select the optimal locations to support specific business objectives and projects. We identify and negotiate government incentives on behalf of our clients.

Workforce Planning

Optimise workforce locations

With the rise of remote working, we help redesign our clients' global workforce footprint and reach new talent pools. We help decide on where to recruit, and the physical presence required.

HQ & Portfolio Strategy

Re-imagine the office

We help occupiers rethink their national or international real estate footprint, from location and building assessment to shared services requirements.

Workplace Strategy

Embrace new operating models

New ways of working require occupiers to rethink their workplace strategy and resulting footprint. We define strategies to meet the new work paradigm and deliver a positive impact to local communities.

for investors

We support investors from repositioning single assets to wider investment strategies based on our strong understanding of occupiers demand.

Single Asset

How to attract & retain tenants

Based on location and target tenant groups, we help developers and investors define the right products and services. We help secure the right partners to design and operate the new shared services required by tenants.


Where to invest in the future

We help review investment portfolios to identify white spots and risk areas as occupiers are revisiting their locations and buildings strategies. Based on occupier insights, we can quantify the portfolio exposure to evolving demand trends.

Urban Development
& Marketing

Re-imagine urban development

We deliver repositioning strategies for existing districts as well as programs for new sustainable mixed-use urban areas. We provide international marketing plans to reach wider occupier audiences.


Certify & enhance facilities for active travel

With our partner ActiveScore, we assess, certify, and enhance active travel facilities and services in office buildings around the world. Our process helps future-proof assets and set benchmarks for active travel standards.

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