Winning Office Districts

How does urban vibrancy influence the return to office?

executive summary

Return-to-office rates have now stabilized globally around 40% compared to 60% pre-pandemic level.

In this report, we will test the above assumption against market data and see if this translates into more demand for offices. Is there a correlation between how vibrant or attractive an office area is and its “vacancy” rate? Did city centers and their Central Business Districts (CBD) show stronger resilience compared to more suburban or single-use neighborhoods?

We developed a novel approach, the Urbanite Vibrancy Score, to assess and score urban vibrancy across neighborhoods. We compared this index to office vacancy rates and identified office density levels and their impact on occupancy.

The Vibrancy Score is a metric derived from the assessment and weighting of points of interest (POIs) within a specific city’s office district. We developed a grid comprising hexagonal units overlayed onto the city’s urban fabric. When juxtaposed with office districts, it facilitates the correlation of vibrancy with office market dynamics, including vacancy rates. The Vibrancy Score ranges from 0 to 100 depending on the number and variety of POIs within each submarket.


The analysis begins with overlaying a hexagonal grid onto a city's urban fabric to create micro-spatial analysis units. By using a hexagonal grid, sampling bias is reduced.

Urban features

We implement specialised GIS tools that enable the visualization and analysis of current data related to specific geographic references, such as POIs.

Classification & Weighting

We classify each POI into distinct categories and assign weights to facilitate targeted analysis of each spatial unit.


A colour-coded map is created after summarizing the weights of each POI within a spatial unit. High, medium, and low vibrant area are identified.


In this report, we analyzed a total of 23 countries, 69 cities, and a total of 363 office submarkets, in Europe and in the United States.







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